Boundary Awareness Training

Boundary Awareness Training

for Faith Formation and Youth Ministry Leaders

an Online Continuing Education Opportunity

with Debbie Gline Allen, C.M.C.F. and Rev. Gregory Morisse

Saturday, January 8 & Saturday, April 2, 2022 from 8:30AM-12:30PM

Registration is now open

Developed by the historic Massachusetts Conference, this introductory course will equip faith formation and youth ministry leaders with the basics of healthy boundaries. This class will explore specifically the joys and challenges of ministering to and with children and youth while serving on a local church staff. Through reading, conversation, and case studies, participants will create their own guiding principles for ethical behavior in ministry.

1. Read: "Boundary Awareness: Foundations Article," "Faith Formation & Music Ministers Article," and "Ministry with Children & Youth."

2. Respond: Complete the Survey provided.

3. Participate: Join a 4-hour interactive Zoom session to discuss the material.

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Boundary Awareness Training

for Clergy, Members in Discernment, and Authorized Ministers

an Online Continuing Education Opportunity

with Rev. Reebee Girash and Rev. Gregory Morisse

Tuesday, January 18 & Wednesday, January 19


Boundary Awareness Facilitators from the historic Massachusetts Conference have created an introductory course on Boundary Awareness. This two-day training can be used to meet Boundary Awareness Training requirements for most Associations. Prior to the first class Participants must complete the following pre-work:

1. Read: "Boundary Awareness: Foundations Article," and "Ministry with Children & Youth"

2. Respond: Complete the Survey provided when you register

3. Participate: Attend the two-day training (currently scheduled to be held in person at Harvard Divinity School)

Between the first and second classes, participants will be expected to select special topics for the following weeks, read the associated article, and submit case studies for discussion.

Special Topics (TBD):

Clergy with Partners and/or Children

Departing Well

Digital Ministry

Ministry with Children & Youth


Parting Well - Boundaries for Former Clergy

Sabbath & Self-Care

Single Clergy