Sex/uality in the Bible

A bible study on the use and abuse of scripture
in the debate about sex and sexuality

The bible is a collection of stories by the people of God, about the people of God, on their journey to become the people of God. As such, whenever we read a passage, we must dig deep and pray hard before we can ever claim to know what the Spirit wants us to know. And, since we are human, we have to work, through conversation and in community, to strip away our bias and assumptions.

In order to begin, we separated our modern understanding of identity from ancient expectations. Today, identity refers to the fiber of person's being - who they are on a fundamental level. For the people in the bible, identity was about conduct - what they did and the choices they made, what we today might call behavior.

There are four basic questions one should ask of every scripture passage. Using the seven frequently cited texts, we practiced each layer of exploration.
  1. Context. What's going on in the culture of that time?
  2. Translation. What words are being used to tell the story?
  3. Interpretation. What does it mean? What is the message for that day?
  4. Application. How does the ancient wisdom transfer to our modern context?
You can read the Handout, Outline and Presentation. In my opinion, they don't make much sense without the mediation of the Holy Spirit. But, you know, have at it! If you have any questions, please be in touch.