For all their bumbling anxiousness I have a deep love of the meeting. Each time a group gathers in the name of Jesus Christ, I believe we can witness the Holy Spirit's presence among us. But, how do we make meetings more spiritual and less administrative?

Before, after and during the meeting, don't be afraid to pause the agenda in favor of prayer, a stretch-break, or a little humor. Consider committee meetings to be a mini-church. Even if they don't expect one, people are often grateful to encounter the Spirit, and usually more so than checking items off a to-do list. Create space for people to check in about their lives, their burdens, their joys. If someone enters the room scattered and overwhelmed, it's time well spent to let them get settled before jumping into business.

Start by Setting the Agenda
Consider your Conversation Styles
Practice the art of Listening
Pay attention to your Body Language
Make meaning by doing Theological Reflection
End your project with an Event Evaluation